Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Faux Discography

there will be several records available for free download this year. they will be accompanied by downloadable PDFs of the artwork, for those that miss elaborate layouts.

there will also be more tangible versions available as a boxed set of sorts, hand constructed, signed and numbered, with a limited art print as well


1) s/t full length debut (representation of the others implied. 20 tracks)
2) accompanying beats (melodies that allow more toe tapping. 21 tracks)
3) unreleasable samples, loops, beats and un-beats. envisioned as a double 10")
4) "besides: salve tidal" - a b-sides collection without any a-side reference. of 150 tracks recorded, these were the orphans worth finding a home for

5) "sle/EP" single sided (single track?) 12". (soundscape/soundtrack for the films projected on the inside of eyelids)
6) unfinished concept album recounting the star crossed saga of Norrin Rad, Shalla Baal, and Galan of Taa (unpolished philosophical and romantic tribute)
7) "a dying astronaut to his wife" (the story of the journey of one final transmission. hand screened packaging. ambient, heavy, affirming sounds)

8) a new era. new music. new sounds. new recordings.

thank you,
ambassador etc.

original logo by Kyle Hussa-Lietz

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