Monday, July 26, 2010

The Silent Ballet

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this was a pretty big deal for me. Ambassador Etc makes his Compilation Debut!

For years now, The Silent Ballet has been devoted to writing, reviewing, exposing, and celebrating the best in instrumental music in all its many splendored variations (classical, ambient, post rock, experimental, electronic, etc). part of this includes curating some of the best, often underrated or unsigned, instrumental artists to be a part of their free downloadable compilation series. I hope it goes without saying that I am a HUGE fan of what they do.

well, i was contacted by them to submit a song, a very humbling and left field honor, to which my response was "could i also please do the artwork?!" Jordan was gracious enough to encourage me to stitch together an exclusive mix of 3 songs (since they are short, as i like to improvise "ambient soundtracks for short attention spans), as well as let me create the original art around my feelings towards ambient and drone (the loose theme of this 16th volume in the series):

if percussion and punctuation is a dot, then at first i wanted to explore the resonance and space between the points, to "represent the others implied" (hence, the ambassador etc. moniker). later i wanted to extend that dot to create a line, blurring points of origin or reference. now i wonder if it is possible to make points radiate outward, like a dandelion made of layers and walls, waiting to be wished upon and blown, and lost to the dense fog of 'gorgeous noise'. i am very proud of the final result, a comment you will almost never hear me say, perhaps because my motto of letting the 'Idea Dictate the Medium' pulled me in such a strange direction

you can download the record for free HERE.

special thanks to one of my greatest and oldest friends Jiri Seger, who encouraged me and bettered my sensibilities with "If you're going to do it, do it all the way." you can see more of his incredible design, and get to know him, at

thank you for looking and listening

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